When creating custom PDF formats, you will need to know the API name for the following items:

  • VisualForce Page (defines the PDF layout and content)
  • Sort Field  (defines the line item sort order)
  • Default Email Template (defines the email sent with the PDF)

How to Create Your Own Custom PDF Format



Find the API name for a Visualforce page

  1. Navigate to Setup > Develop > Pages.
  2. On the Visualforce Pages page, locate the appropriate PDF Name.
  3. Then, copy the text in the Name column.



Find the API name for the appropriate Sort Field

  1. Navigate to the Setup > Create > Objects > Billing Line (or Purchase Order Line if a P.O. PDF etc…)
  2. Copy the text from the API Name column of the appropriate Field.



Find the API name for a Default Email Template

    1. Navigate to Setup > Administer > Communication Templates > Email Templates.
    2. From the Folder drop-down list, choose Accounting Seed Email Templates.
    3. Copy the text from the Email Template Name column for the appropriate template.
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