Summary of Steps:

  1. Navigate to the Journal Entries tab
  2. Click New button
  3. Enter the Journal Entry Name
  4. Enter the Journal Date
  5. Click Save
  6. Click New Journal Entry Line or Mass Add/Edit Rows
  7. Enter the Debit or Credit amount
  8. Enter the Reference as appropriate
  9. Enter the appropriate GL Account
  10. Enter any additional data tags needed
  11. Click Save or Save & New button to continue
  12. Once all Journal Entry Lines are entered and the Journal Entry is Approved it can be Posted

Please Note:

  • It is good practice to use a consistent naming convention for your journal entries
  • Journal entries can only be made to accounting periods that have a status of open. If an entry needs to be made to a closed period, the period must first be opened so the entry can be made. The period can then be re-closed once the adjustment has been made
  • In order to post a journal entry the "total debits" and "total credits" must match. If they do not match, the "out of balance" field will display the difference
  • A Salesforce approval process can be added to the Journal Entry object to enable an approval process


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