Setting up Linked Reports that can be accessed from a Detail screen within Accounting Seed can be a very useful way to provide easy quick access to report data for specific purposes. You will need system administration privileges to do this. Here are some common uses of this technique we see our customers utilize:

Accounting Period Detail Screen
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Current Period Profit & Loss
  • AR Aging
  • AP Aging
Project Detail Screen
  • Project Net Profit
  • Project Cost vs Budget
  • Time Card Entries
GL Account Detail Screen
  • Transaction Detail
Creating a Linked Report
 This video will show you how link the Trial Balance report to the Accounting Period Detail Screen.
  • From the Reports tab launch the report you want to link
  • If you plan on passing a value into the report from the detail record you will need to customize the report to make sure the filters are in the correct order
  • Save your report and re-run it
  • Copy the Salesforce record id for that report from your browser URL
  • From Setup, navigate to the Force.com menu/Create/Objects and open the object definition for the Detail Screen you want to link the report to (e.g. Accounting Period)
  • Click the New Button or Link button
  • Populate the Label with the text you want to show up on the link/button
  • Choose your Display Type, Behavior, and Content Source
  • Paste the Salesforce record id for the report into the text box
  • If passing a value in from the source record format the text as appropriate (e.g. /00Oo0000003TMqg?pv0={!AcctSeed__Accounting_Period__c.Name})
  • Click Save
  • Navigate back to the Custom Object Definition screen to edit the Page Layout
  • Drag the new Custom Link/Button onto the Page Layout as appropriate and Save the Layout
  • Navigate back to a sample source record to validate that the link/button is present and working
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