The Accounting Seed Check layout has been configured to print accurately for the following Deluxe check format:
  • Product - DLM108
  • Envelope 91500.
Summary of Steps:
  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Search on DLM108
  3. With the DLM108 model there are many options to choose from in terms of background color, number of signature lines and company logo.
  4. Place your order
Please Note:
  • The one part/original version of DLM108 is suitable for most companies. The other versions of this check are for duplicate and triplicate copies.
  • The DLM108 is a stub-check-stub format so that you are able to tear off the bottom stub and keep for your records. Most companies find this suitable and don't need duplicate and triplicate copies as a result.
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    Rebecca Ralls

    Is there any way to specify a different field from the account to use as the Payee name printed on the check?

    I know there are organizations who do not use a company's legal name as the account name in salesforce. 

    In this instance, they have a separate "Invoice as" field that contains the company's legal name which is what should appear on invoices and checks.

    We were able to modify the invoice & PO templates to use the correct name, but I don't see an option for changing the check.

    Do you have any suggestions for a work around?  I will add a feature request.

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    Hi Rebecca. This feature is planned on the Road Map. We do not have a way to specify an alternate payee name right now.



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    Rebecca Ralls

    Thanks, Tony.  Is there a recommended workaround until this is implemented?

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