The merge function will combine billing lines into a single billing where the customer is the same. This tool is used to consolidate multiple billing records into a single accounts receivable record. For example, let's say you wanted to bill time card entries and expense reports in the same billing to a customer. You could create time card billings and expense report billings, and then merge them. 
The billing record with the largest value for billing name will be preserved as the “merged” billing when two billing records are combined. The user has the ability to select up to 200 billings to merge at one time.
Summary of Steps:
  1. Select the billings you wish to merge from the list view of the billings tab. Only un-posted billing records can be merged. An example is provided below:
  2. Click the "Merge Billings" button on the list view. This will present a confirmation screen of the billings you wish to merge.
  3. From the confirmation screen, click the "Merge" button to complete the process. 


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