Manufacturing Orders are used to build a manufactured product.
Create a Manufacturing Order
A manufacturing order can be created by navigating to the product record and clicking the "Create Manufacturing Order" button. This will create a project with the product parts as materials and the manufacturing project template as the project tasks. 
Allocate Materials in Stock 
Allocating raw materials from stock is a simple process in AS. When a product is allocated, it is removed from available inventory. A debit to the Work In Process GL Account in accounting settings is created, and a credit to the Inventory GL Account is also created in the General Ledger. The steps to allocate raw materials are as follows:
1. Navigate to the "Project View" page.
2. Click the "Allocate" button.
3. Take the respective raw materials out of available stock on the "Allocate" screen and click "Save."
Purchase Materials
Materials for a specific project or group of projects can be created in AS. When purchase orders are created from material lines in a project, the relationship between PO line and Material line is preserved. This provides full traceability back to purchase order line from a manufacturing work order if needed. Steps to purchase materials for a project are as follows:
1. Navigate to the Projects List View.
2. Select the project to create purchase orders for.
3. Click the "Purchase Order Fulfill" button on the list view.
4. Create draft purchase orders by vendor.
5. Review draft purchase orders and click "Save."
Build Finished Goods 
Building finished goods creates an inbound inventory entry that relieves work in process inventory and creates a finished goods inventory record. To build a finished good the manufactured product field on the work order must be populated. The steps to build are:
1. Make sure the manufactured product field on the work order is populated.
2. Click the Build button on the project. 
3. Indicate the quantity to build and the warehouse location to place the finished goods. Click Save.
4. An inbound inventory movement related to the work order will be created.  
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    Rebecca Ralls

    Do you have a recommended process for building custom products?  

    Do you need to create a new product (and inventory balance) for every custom build you do? or is there some more nimble way to manage the customizations based on a single product?


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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Rebecca,

    Each finished good that is being sold should be setup as a separate product. Once setup, multiple manufacturing orders can be generated per product. 

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    Most companies building custom products use project accounting versus "Product accounting". The projects are really the tool to build whatever they want. Using the completed contract methodology they can code all the transactions to a "Work in process" GL account on the balance sheet. They can simply recognize expense and revenue when they sell the item. 



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    Rebecca Ralls

    Thanks Tony, That's helpful! Can you tell me more? Or do you have any examples of how that would work in practice? I theoretically understand how that would work, but I'm a little fuzzy on the specifics of how things flow.

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