Billing records can be automatically created from Expense reports.
To bill expense reports requires the use of projects and expense reports that have an approved status. 
Billing Expense reports requires that the following conditions must be true:
  • Expense report status must be approved.
  • The Account field on the Project associated with the expense line must be populated
  • The Billable field on the expense line must be checked.
  • A expense markup rate must be set up for the Project and/or Project Task.
Setup Expense Markups Demo
Set a billing rate at the Project or Project Task level
  1. Navigate to the specific project detail screen
  2. Click the New Billing Rates button on the Billing Rates related list
  3. Populate the Employee, Project, Effective Date, Labor Billing Rate, and Expense Markup.
  4. If there is a specific a rate per Project Task, populate the Project Task
  5. Click Save 
Process Steps
Expenses can be billed from the list view of the Expense Reports Tab. To bill expenses:
  • Navigate to the Expense Reports tab and select the Unbilled Expenses List view
  • Select the expenses to bill by marking the checkboxes in the list view
  • Click the Create Billings button on the list view to process the billings for the selected Expense Reports
If a markup needs to be applied to the expenses the markup will first need to be created on the individual Project:
  • Navigate to the Project record
  • Click the New Billing Rates button in the Billing Rates Related list
  • Populate the Expenses Markup field appropriately
NOTE - If the Revenue GL account is blank in the Create Billings intermediate screen this means there is no Time & Expense Conversion GL Account defined for the relevant Expense GL Account. The Time & Expense Conversion account maps the expense GL account to the revenue GL account used in the billings creation process. This mapping is part of the GL account setup. Please see the GL Accounts knowledge article located in the Master Data section for more information regarding this. 
Bill Expenses Demo
Summary of Process Steps:
Billings can be created from Approved expense reports by following these steps:
  1. Navigate to the unbilled list view on the expense reports.
  2. Select the expense reports to be converted into billings by marking the checkbox.
  3. Click the Create Billings button
  4. Review/Edit the Billing Summary Screen
  5. Click the Create Billings button
TIP - If the Revenue GL Accounts appear blank in the Intermediate screen this simply means you have not set a value for the "Time and Expense Revenue Conversion" field on the expense GL Account. This can be done from the GL Account record itself.
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