Create Billings from Approved Expense Reports

  1. Navigate to Accounting Home and under Projects, click Expense Reports.

  2. Select the Unbilled Expense Reports list view.

  3. Select the Expense Reports to bill by marking the checkboxes in the list view.

  4. Click the Create Billings button on the list view to process the Billings for the selected Expense Reports.

  5. Verify the following required fields:
    • Billing Date: This will default to today’s date and will flow to the Billing Date field of the Billing.
    • Billing Format: The PDF format related to this billing. This is usually set to the Default Billing Service PDF.
    • Billing Cycle Start/End Dates: To show the date range for these Billings.
    • Revenue GL Account: If the related project task expense GL account has an associated Time and Expense Revenue Conversion GL Account, then that will default here.
    • If there is an expense markup, it will show up in this screen and should be verified.
  6. Create the Billing in one of two ways:
    • Click the Create button to create the Billing record, but not have it post to the ledger yet. This is useful if you have an approval process in place, or want to merge the resulting Billings with others to the same customer before posting.
    • Click the Create & Post button to both create and post the Billing to the ledger.

TIP: If the Revenue GL Account appears blank in the intermediate screen, this simply means you have not set a value for the "Time and Expense Revenue Conversion" field on the expense GL Account. This can be done from the GL Account record itself.

NOTE: Unlike Time Cards, Expense Reports do not need Posting as they do not generate General Ledger transactions.



Billing Expense reports require that the following conditions are true:

  • Expense report status must be approved.
  • The Account field on the Project associated with the expense line must be populated with the related customer.
  • The Billable field on the expense line must be checked.
  • If you are marking up expenses, then this rate must first be setup


Set up Expense Markups

  1. From Accounting Home, click into the projects tab and select the project that you want to add an expense markup to.

  2. Click the New Billing Rate button in the Billing Rates Related list.

  3. Enter the following required fields:
    • Employee: The employee (user) that this markup relates to
    • Project: This will default to the related project
    • Effective Date: If multiple rates are entered, the system will use the most recent effective date.
    • Labor Billing Rate: If time cards are being billing back to a customer, then this should be populated. Otherwise, leave as $0.
    • Expense Markup: Enter the percentage of the markup. For 10%, enter 10.


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