Users can enter hours worked for the day, keep track of the projects they work on, and input comments for the hours worked. An approval process can be created for Time Cards using Standard Salesforce Approvals.

Summary of Steps:

  1. Navigate to the Time Cards Tab. Click New Time Card.
  2. Select the time card period. Please note only open time card periods will show in the list.
  3. The employee should auto-populate to the user entering the time. This can be over-ridden if you are entering time for another user.
  4. Click Next - Select this to proceed to the next screen.
  5. Enter the Project, Project task
  6. Click the overtime flag if the entry is for overtime and should be costed appropriately.
  7. Enter hours worked for each day. Click the comments icon if you wish to enter comments.
  8. When click the Save and Complete button.
Please Note:
  • The Billable Flag is optional in the Time Card interface and can be removed in the Accounting Settings Tab.
  • Time card variables can be displayed in the Time Card Entry Screen and users can enter additional information on the Time Card Line. Examples of use cases include recording overtime, rework or location at a time card level. See the AccountingSettings Tab for more information.
  • Click the submit approval button to initiate an approval process. Time Cards uses standard Salesforce Approvals. Please see the help on Approvals in the standard Salesforce help if you need additional assistance with setting up an approval. We recommend using the following statuses in the approval process:
    • In Process - Time cards that have not been submitted will be assigned a status of in process.
    • Waiting for Approval - When a user submits a time card the status will be set to this.
    • Approved - Once an approver approves a time card the status will be approved.
    • Rejected - If an approver rejects a time card, it will have a status of rejected until it is resubmitted.
    • Posted - Once a manager posts a time card, it will have a status of posted.
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    Chad Meyer

    Is it possible to hide the overtime and time card variables? I have a customer that doesn't use these fields and it may confuse users.

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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Chad,

    To hide the time card variables, go to the accounting settings and delete the fields in the time card label fields. You may want to verify that these are not being used because these would have been setup. The out of the box default has these variables blank. 

    Try changing the users permissions so that they don't have access to the overtime field. 

    Thank you,


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