1. From Accounting Home, navigate to PDF Formats and select the format you wish to update.

(Several Standard PDF documents are included upon installation of Accounting Seed. You can also create custom PDF documents.)

  • Standard PDF Formats: 
    • Billing Activity Statement

    • Billing Outstanding Statement

    • Default Billing Product

    • Default Billing Service

    • Default Packing Slip (If Orders & Inventory is installed)

    • Default Purchase Order (If Orders & Inventory is installed)

2. On the PDF Formats page, click Edit


3. In the Information section, populate the following fields as appropriate.

  • Type: 

    • Billing

    • Purchase Order

    • Activity Statement

    • Outstanding Statement

    • Packing Slip

  • Visualforce PDF Page: API Name of the Visualforce Page that renders the PDF.

  • Sort Field: API Name of the field used to sort the lines.

  • Default Email Template: Unique Name of the email template used to send out the PDF.

  • Reply to Email: Sets the sending address for a reply to the email.

  • Currency Format: Can be used to override the default currency format.

  • Numeric Format: Can be used to override the default numeric format for example on the quantity field.

Note: Company fields will auto-populate from the Company information set in your Salesforce instance.


4. In the Image section, you can upload an image to use as a logo on your PDF.

  • Click the Image button on the text editor toolbar and follow directions to upload your image.

  • Note: Images cannot exceed one MB file size and must be .png or .gif file format.


5. In the Footer section, you can add text or an image to provide additional information to your customers.


6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


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  • 0
    Rebecca Ralls

    Is there/what is the recommended dimensions for the image used in the header?

    What is the maximum height/width to render correctly?

  • 0
    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Rebecca,

    With all of the different file formats and resolutions, I usually just go through a trial and error by uploading the image to the PDF format and then creating that PDF. I use a Mac and they have a good tool to easily resize an image. I typically notice that the image provided renders to large and I have to resize it to make is smaller. 


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