Step 1: Install Packages

  1. To install Financial Suite, log into Salesforce and paste the Financial Suite installation link into your browser’s address bar.

  2. If you are installing in a Sandbox environment, you must edit the URL by replacing login with test. would become

  3. When prompted, we recommend selecting Install for All Users. Users will need both an Accounting Seed license and access to an Accounting Seed Permission Set to use the application and to access the data. Accounting Seed Permission Sets

  4. Select Install.

  5. If you also purchased the Orders & Inventory module, repeat these steps to install that package.

  6. The installation for each of the packages may take a few minutes to complete. If it does, you can click Done to leave the page. You will receive an email letting you know that the installation has finished.


Step 2: Adjust Page Layouts


QS: If you purchased our Quick Start package, Accounting Seed staff will complete this step for you.

If you are setting up a new Salesforce environment along with Accounting Seed, follow these instructions: Edit Page Layouts via User Profiles

If you have been using Salesforce for a while, follow these instructions to install Accounting Seed in coordination with your current processes: Edit Page Layouts Manually

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