Accounting Seed allows you to create your own custom PDF formats to override the standard formats.  The look of a PDF format can be completely customized by creating your own Visualforce page that overrides the standard formats. 

Create your own PDF format

Create your own Visualforce Page

To create your own Visualforce page to display a totally custom format, follow these steps:

  • From the Force.com Menu
  • Expand the Develop menu (Under Build section)
  • Click on Pages
  • Click New button
  • Populate the Label and Name fields
  • Add a Description if applicable
  • Populate the Visualforce Markup tab
  • Click Save
Once saved you can now use this Visualforce Page in any of your PDF Format records.
Set up your own PDF format Step By Step:
  • Navigate to the PDF Formats tab
  • Click the New button and populate the following fields
    • PDF Format Name – The name of the format to be used on the Billing record
    • Type – Either Billing or Purchase Order
    • Visualforce PDF Page – The api name of the Visualforce page used to generate the PDF
    • Sort Field – The api name of the field to be used to sort the Billing Lines by
    • Default Email Template – The name of the Email Template
    • Reply To Email – The email address for a reply once a billing email has been sent
    • Company Name
    • Company Street
    • Company City
    • Company State
    • Company PostalCode
    • Company Country
    • Image – The logo you want to appear on the PDF header
    • Custom Footer Content – Any text you want to appear in the PDF footer

Note:  We have included a text file containing the Visualforce Markup for an example Product Billing PDF and a Service Billing PDF.

Sample Visualforce Page for Product Billing PDF

Sample Visualforce Page for Service Billing PDF

Sample Visualforce Page for Billing Activity Statement PDF

Sample Visualforce Page for Billing Outstanding Statement PDF

Sample Visualforce Page for Purchase Order PDF

Sample Visualforce Page for Shipment (Packing Slip) PDF


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  • 0
    Rebecca Ralls

    It would be really handy if you would provide "blank" PDF format templates for all the various PDF Format Types: Billings, Purchase Orders, and the 2 different types of Statements. Thanks!

  • 0
    Rebecca Ralls

    Is there a relatively straight forward way to Make the Outstanding Statement Include any unapplied Cash Receipts? I see that is uses the same controller as the activity statement, so I'm hoping yes.

  • 0
    Rebecca Ralls

    Note to other users: Make sure to use these templates instead of copying the templates in production.  You'll save yourself some aggravation. The 'AcctSeed__' field prefixes are different, and if you copy the production VF pages, you'll have to do some tedious find and replace work in order to be able  to save it.

  • 0
    Angela McIlveen

    Currently, the billing pdf combines discounts and amounts paid by the customer and shows the combined amount as the amount paid. This is really confusing for the customer because it looks like they paid more than they did and it doesn't show the discount. I would like to see any discount given, the amount paid by the customer, total paid, and the amount due on the invoice. I understand how to edit the visualforce page but I don't see anything in the example language above that is helpful. 

  • 0
    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Angela,

    Please submit a support ticket so we can help troubleshoot this. We support any issues with our default visualforce pages, but we would recommend approved partners to help with any customization. 

  • 0
    Anna Anderson

    We would like to change the format of the quantity and unit price to display as two decimals of the pdf's instead of the default of the field. Can this be done?

  • 0
    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Anna,

    If you click into the PDF Formats tab and select the format that you want to update, there will be a "currency format" field. You will want to enter in something similar to the following:


    This will update all currency fields on the pdf to 2 decimal places. If you don't see the currency format field on the layout, you will want to edit it and add that field. 

    The coding in the related visualforce page will need to be updated for the quantity. 

    Thank you,


  • 0
    Masechaba Maseli

    Hi, how to do we add custom fields to the controller when creating custom PDFs?

  • 0

    Hi Masechaba,

    Out controller extension will dynamically query for any custom fields you add to the billing or billing line. You simply need to add them to the visualforce page.

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