A validation rule can be created to prevent posting of transactions to future accounting periods.
Accounting Seed requires that all future Accounting Periods remain open, this design is very beneficially for our customers who are processing multiple recurring revenue or recurring expense transactions. However if you would like to limit your team from posting transactions in future periods you will want to implement the following technique.
For each of the source transactions you will want to add a validation rule to the object to prevent setting that Accounting Period to one in the future.
Here is an example of the validation rule you will need to create on each of the objects listed below:
MONTH (AcctSeed__Accounting_Period__r.AcctSeed__End_Date__c ) > MONTH (Today()) 
|| YEAR (AcctSeed__Accounting_Period__r.AcctSeed__End_Date__c ) > YEAR (Today()) 
Transactions Source Records:
Financial Suite Only:
Account Payable
Cash Receipt
Cash Disbursement
Journal Entry
Time Card Day
ERP Only:
Sales Order Inventory Movement
Manufacturing Inventory Movement
Inbound Inventory Movement
Outbound Inventory Movement
Purchase Order Inventory Movement
NOTE: Scheduled Revenue and Expense also creates transactions, however, preventing posts to future periods will make this feature very limited in use as it is intended to post all revenue or expense entries out in the future.
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