Summary of Process Steps:
  1. Navigate to the Accounting Home and click the Run Financial Reports tab in the Ledger Section.
  2. Select the report tab you would like to run.
  3. Select the accounting periods, grouping, and any GL account variables you would like to filter on.
  4. Drill down on highlighted cells.


Accounting Seed provides a Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Trial Balance as standard reports that can be run without configuration. 

Profit & Loss:

  • No accounting periods need to be closed.
  • Shows the current period activity.
  • Can be run for up to 12 accounting periods at one time. 
Profit and Loss Versus Budget:
  • No accounting periods need to be closed.
  • Shows the aggregate activity for the periods selected.
Balance Sheet:
  • Can be run for all closed periods plus one open period. 
  • Please note that the current year earnings GL account will not be updated for an open period. This will cause the balance sheet report to be off by only the current year earnings line for the open period. All other lines will be accurate.
  • Columns show year to date activity.
  • Can be run for up to 12 accounting periods at one time.

Trial Balance:

  • Combines profit and loss and balance sheet accounts.
  • Can be run for closed periods or the open period immediately following the last closed period.
    • Can be run for one period at a time.




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    Jeanae Remala

    When I try to run the standard "Profit and Loss Versus Budget" report noted above, when I click on the "Run" button, the system blanks out the ledger field and gives me an error message that says "Error - Attempt to de-reference a null object".  What does this mean?  What needs to be done to fix it?  

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    Hi Jaennae,

    We need you to submit a support ticket to resolve this.



  • 0
    Sara Sutch

    Is there a way to exlude inactive GL accounts from the financial reports?

  • 0
    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Sara,

    The best way to do this is to create a custom report and selecting only your active GL accounts. Here is a helpful article to walk you through this process. There is also a related ASU course at the bottom of this article:

    Thank you,


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