The native Salesforce reporting engine is used to generate most transactional reports in Accounting Seed. Please see Salesforce training for building and augmenting native reports. The Financial Suite application also provides standard and custom financial reports.
Management Reports covered by Accounting Seed Support:
The following reports are included with the Accounting Seed Managed Packages and are covered by Accounting Seed Support:
Area: Accounts Payable & Cash Disbursements
  • 1099 Cash Disbursement Report
  • Accounts Payable Aging by Payee-Current
  • Accounts Payable Aging by Payee-Historic 
  • Cash Disbursements by Batch
  • Cash Disbursements by Payee
  • Expense Reports by Employee
  • Expense Reports in Progress
Area: Bank Reconciliation
  • Transaction Exceptions
  • Uncleared Bank Deposits
  • Uncleared Cash Disbursements
  • Uncleared Cash Receipts
  • Uncleared Journal Entry Lines
Area: Billing & Cash Receipts
  • Billing Aging by Customer-Current
  • Billing Aging by Customer-Historic 
  • Billings by Customer
  • Billings by Period and Customer
Area: Accounting Dashboard
  • Cash Balances Dashboard Report
  • Earnings Transactions for Dashboard
  • Forecasted Accounts Payable by Period
  • Open Accounts Payable by Age Dashboard
  • Open Accounts Payable by Payee Dashboard
  • Orders Backlog Dashboard
  • Revenue Backlog Dashboard Report
  • Revenue Transactions Dashboard
Area: General Ledger
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Transactions by Day
  • Journal Entry Detail
  • Profit and Loss Vs Budget
  • Profit and Loss for current period
  • Scheduled Revenue and expense by Period
  • Scheduled Revenue and Expense by Project
  • Transaction Detail by GL Account
  • Transactions by Period/Key
  • Trial Balance
Area: Projects (Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Project Cost Vs Budget
  • Project Net Profit
  • Project Revenue Vs Budget
  • Time Card Job Cost Audit Report
  • Time Cards by Employee
  • Time Cards by Period
  • Time Cards by Period/Project
  • Utilization by Employee
  • Utilization for Company
Area: ERP
  • Current Inventory Valuation
  • Month End Inventory Detail
Creating Your Own Reports
Creating your own reports is simple as well. Below is a list of the 2 main objects used in Accounting Seed to create general ledger based reports:
  • Financial Cubes Object - Summary level reporting object that consolidates transactions for a unique combination of ledger, accounting period, GL account and accounting variables 1-4.
  • Transactions Object - The object used to store detailed debits and credits in the posting process.
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