The Opportunity to Billing utility allows you to pass an opportunity to a billing with a single click. The opportunity must have a Closed/Won status.
Summary of Steps:
  1. Navigate to the Opportunity you wish to bill
  2. Click the "Create Billing" button
  3. In the intermediate screen deselect any products you wish to not bill. Change any additional information you desire. 
  4. Click "Create Billing"
Please Note:
  • A billing line will be created for each opportunity product line in the opportunity, preserving the same sort order of Opportunity Products to Billing Lines
  • If GL Account variables 1-4, Project, Project Task and Product are populated on the opportunity product these fields will be mapped to the billing.
  • The Revenue GL Account set on the product will be used as the Revenue GL Account on the billing line. If you want to use a deferred revenue GL Account, simply set the revenue GL Account to a balance sheet account on the product. 
  • The fields in the billing header will default as follows unless the user overrides them when creating a new billing:
    • Billing Contact & Billing Address - Defaults from Account
    • Shipping Contact & Shipping Address - Defaults from Account
    • Billing Format - Defaults from Account (If blank the Accounting Settings)
    • Billing Date - Defaults from Opportunity
    • Billing Terms Name - Defaults from Account
    • Due Date- Defaults from Account terms
    • Accounting Period - Defaults from Billing Date
  • By checking the Cash Sale check box on the intermediate screen the following will be automatically processed:
    • Billing created and posted 
    • Cash Receipt created and posted 
    • Cash Receipt applied to that Billing 


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    Rebecca Ralls

    There is a new validation Rule on the Billing object in 3.13.2 that checks whether an Opportunity is closed by verifying the stage name instead of just checking that the IsWon flag is true.

    This will cause problems for any customer who has named their stages anything other than the default.



    NOT(ISPICKVAL(AcctSeed__Opportunity__r.StageName, 'Closed Won'))

    Should be:

    AcctSeed__Opportunity__r.IsWon = False

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    The new release Amaryllis resolves this. Please submit a request to be upgraded right away to Amaryllis.



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