The expense report to accounts payable function in Accounting Seed allows you to consolidate approved expense reports into accounts payable vouchers.

Expenses to Payables

Expenses can be converted to a Payable from the Unpaid Expenses list view on the Expense Reports Tab. To create Payables from expenses:

  • Navigate to Accounting Home and under Projects, click Expense Reports.
  • Select the Unpaid Expense Reports list view.
  • Select the checkbox for one or more Expense Reports to convert to a Payable.
  • Click the Create Payables button.
  • Review/Edit the Payable Summary screen.
  • Create the Payable(s) in one of the following ways:
    • Click the Create button to create the Payable, but not post it to the ledger. This is beneficial if there is an approval process in place before posting to the ledger.
    • Click the Create & Post button to create and post the Payable(s) to the ledger.
  • Once the Payable has been created and posted, they can be paid via the normal payment process.



To create Payables from Expense Reports, the following conditions must be true:

  • Expense Report status must be Approved.
  • The Employee Reimburse field on the Expense Line must be checked.
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