Billing records can be automatically created form Time Cards.
Billing Time Cards requires that the following conditions must be true:
  • Time Card status must be Posted.
  • The Account field on the Project associated with the Time Card Line must be populated
  • The Billed field on the Time Card Line must be unchecked (The Time Card Line has not been previously billed).
  • The Billable field on the Time Card Line must be checked.
  • Employee Default Billing Rate must be set on User record or Billing Rate must be set up and associated with Time Card Line Project and/or Project Task.
Setup Billing Rates Demo
 Set a default Billing Rate for the employee
  • Please note that a billing rate set at the project task level will override a billing rate for the same employee at the project level. Also a project billing rate will override the employee default billing rate.
  • Navigate to the specific employee user record
  • Populate the Default Billing Rate field 
Bill Time Cards Demo
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