Time Card Periods

Time Card Period defines the date range for a given Time Card and has the following properties:

  • It can only be 7 days long
  • It can begin on any day of the week (usually Sunday, or Monday)
  • It must be defined by a unique date range, no two Time Card periods can overlap
  • We recommend using a standard naming convention for your Time Card Periods such as “Week Beginning YYYY-MM-DD” e.g. Time Card Period for week beginning 5/28/14 would be “Week Beginning 2014-05-28”
Tip - The data loader or import tool can be used to quickly create multiple time card periods. Click the link below to download a sample import file. 
Note - Closed Time card Periods will not be available for Time Entry

Summary of Steps:

  1. Navigate to the Time Card Periods tab
  2. Click New
  3. Enter the Period Name
  4. Enter the Start Date
  5. Set Status as appropriate
  6. Click the Save or Save & New button
Technical Note - A Time Card must be associated with one or more Accounting Periods in order to post Time Cards. If a time card period does not cross accounting periods (5/21/14 – 5/27/14), it should be related to only one accounting period (2014-05). If a time card period spans two accounting periods (5/28/14 – 6/4/14), it should be related to two accounting periods (2014-05 and 2014-06). Accounting Seed will automatically associate Time Card Periods to Accounting periods when the Time Card Periods are Created. If Time Card Period dates are modified after they are created they may not be associated to the correct periods. 
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