You can rename the GL Account Variable Field label name using Salesforce Translation Workbench feature. Follow these steps to do this:
  • Navigate to the "Translation Workbench" in the Administration Setup menu.
  • Select "Override."
  • From the Package drop-down choose "Accounting Seed Financial Suite"
  • From the Setup Component drop-down choose "Custom Field."
  • Choose the object you wish to re-label the GL Accounting Variable field names (see list below).
  • From the Aspect drop-down choose "Field Label."
  • Double click in the column "Field Label Override" next to the GL Account Variable master field label you wish to override and type in the word you wish to use to label that field for that object.  For example "Department."

You will want to do this for all of the following Objects: 
Financial Suite
  • Account Payable Line
  • Bank Deposit
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Billing Line
  • Cash Disbursement
  • Cash Receipt
  • Financial Cube
  • Financial Report Row
  • Journal Entry Line
  • Product
  • Project Task
  • Scheduled Revenue and Expense
  • Transaction

Order Management

  • Sales Order Line
  • Purchase Order Line
  • Material
  • Purchase Order Inventory Movement
  • Inbound Inventory Movement
  • Sales Order Inventory Movement
  • Manufacturing Inventory Movement
  • Outbound Inventory Movement 


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