The Billing Cycle Start Date and End Date are used to display a period of service on the Billing. They are also the default values for the beginning and ending dates on the Amortize Revenue screen for the Billing record. 

You can use workflow rules to set the values for the dates that make sense for your business process.

Here is an example of how to setup the dates based on the Recurring Billing Frequency:

1. Create a text formula field on the billing record called: "RB Billing Frequency"


2. Create a workflow rule on the Billing Object

A. Will fire when a record is created if the following condition is True: 

Billing: RB Billing Frequency NOT EQUAL TO null

B. Create a field update on the Billing Cycle Start Date as follows:


C. Create a field update on the Billing Cycle End Date as follows:

If ((RB_Billing_Frequency__c = "Annual"),AcctSeed__Date__c +365, 
IF ((RB_Billing_Frequency__c = "Semi-annual"),AcctSeed__Date__c +183, 
IF ((RB_Billing_Frequency__c = "Quarterly"),AcctSeed__Date__c +91, 
IF ((RB_Billing_Frequency__c = "Monthly"),AcctSeed__Date__c +30, 


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