Reverse Applying a Cash Disbursement to a Payable is used most commonly in the following cases:

  1. You have imported vendor payments as Cash Disbursements from the Bank Direct Connect function and wish to match it to an existing Payable
  2. You have prepaid a vendor for services that they have now sent you an invoice for. 

Summary of Steps:

  • Navigate to the Cash Disbursement record you wish to Apply to a posted Payable
  • Ensure the Cash Disbursement is posted
  • Click the Apply button
  • Select the Payable you wish to apply it to and click the arrow button 
  • Verify the Accounting Period is correct
  • Click the Save and Complete button

Please Note:

Applying a Cash Disbursement to a posted Payable creates an Account Payable Disbursement record which in turn creates two transaction records:

  • Debit to the Account Payable Control GL Account
  • Credit to the GL Account referenced in the Debit GL Account field on the Cash Disbursement record


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