Summary of Steps:
  1. From Accounting Home select the Billings tab
  2. Select the billing record you would like to email
  3. Click the "Create PDF" button on the billing header
  4. Preview the PDF
  5. Add cc email addresses if applicable
  6. Click "Send Email" to email the billing to the billing contact.

Please Note:

  • An activity record of the email will be logged on the billing header record
  • A copy of the billing will automatically be saved on the billing
  • The "PDF Email Status" field on the billing will be updated from a value of "Unsent" to "Sent"
  • Instead of emailing the billing you can elect to simply save it as an attachment
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    HI Team,

    With the new release, when we hit create PDF,

    The body of the email lists the email contact name instead of the customer account name. Can this be changed to list the customer account name?
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    Patrick Wallen


    Yes. You can edit email templates. You can also clone and create your own. If you create your own, you'll want to make certain you link the new template with the appropriate pdf.

    Here's a Knowledge Base article that may be of use -- Customize PDF Email Templates

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    thanks, I thought we already have this customized but Its not. thanks

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