To prevent errors that require contacting Accounting Seed Support, please follow these steps to successfully uninstall Accounting Seed.

  1. Remove Accounting Seed fields from the Product, Contact, Opportunity and Asset Standard Objects.

  2. Deactivate custom workflow rules or approvals on Accounting Seed Objects.

  3. Remove custom code that references Accounting Seed Objects or Global Apex classes from your production environment.

  4. Navigate to Setup > Build > Installed Packages.

  5. If Accounting Seed Orders & Inventory (ERP) is installed, then uninstall this first. Click the Uninstall link for Orders & Inventory.

  6. Click the Uninstall link for Accounting Seed Financial Suite.

Things to Consider

You must select the option to save a copy of the package data to preserve your legacy accounting data before you confirm that you want to uninstall the package.

Also, you should be aware that the table data saved will not be easy to piece together or run reports on without the user interface of the Accounting Seed application.

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